6 Tips to Get Your Bathroom Back-to-School Ready

From Sept. to June, your bathroom is going to be super busy for Back-to-School. Is it ready? With another school year starting up in Kitchener, Oakville and Toronto, there are two common rooms in the home which are going to be quite busy:Back-to-School

  • The kitchen
  • The bathroom

For the kitchen, having easy-to-access snacks, room to do homework at the table and a well-stocked fridge will help get everyone whatever they need faster (especially during those super busy mornings).

When it comes to the bathroom, just follow these tips from Bath Planet of Toronto to get it ready for back-to-school.

Back-to-SchoolTip 1: Stock up for Back-to-School

There are certain items you can stock up on now, knowing that you’ll eventually use them and/or they won’t expire on you:

  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving items (creams and razors)
  • Toothpaste

Now, you don’t want to buy more things than you have room for.

If you can’t close the cupboards under the sink because they’re too stuffed with toilet paper, you might have a bit much.

Rather, the idea is that when you head out to do your weekly groceries, you can just focus on the essentials (milk, fruit, bread, etc.) and not worry about bathroom toiletries which you already have.

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Tip 2: Make it kid-friendly

If you have pre-schoolers, elementary students or teenagers in the house, you know they all have different needs when using the bathroom:

  • Your teenage daughter may have extra long hair to wash and brush
  • Your pre-school son likes to play with bath toys every morning
  • Your elementary schooler is just learning how to brush teeth and comb hair

Knowing this beforehand can help you keep the bathroom organized throughout the school year.

For example, you can keep colour coded bins on the floor for your younger kids to reach. Green can be his bin full of toys and red can be her bin of brushes.

Older kids can have a dedicated shelf on the shower wall surround for things like body wash and shampoo.

If everyone knows where their belongings are, they’ll spend less time looking for them and get out of the bathroom quicker.

Back-to-SchoolTip 3: Use a wake-up scent

Pretty much everybody is a zombie when they enter the bathroom after waking up. It takes a while to become fully alert.

Placing a scented plug-in or drawer liner the night before and letting it permeate the air is a smart, nice way to instantly perk up.

Select a scent that everyone can agree on, for example:

  • Lemon/Lime (or another citrus scent)
  • Fresh flowers

Place it somewhere safe, like on the counter or back of the toilet. You can even place it on the bath wall surround if it’s waterproof.

Basically, you want to choose something that’s pleasant and refreshing; not overpowering.

ClockTip 4: Hang a clock in the bathroom

It’s easy to lose track of time during a busy morning.

You may think you took a 5 minute shower, but actually you spent 15 minutes enjoying the warm water.

And now, you (or your kids) are running late.

Stick a clock on the wall (better yet, get a water-resistant clock that’s safe to hang on a shower liner) in a place where everyone can see it.

Tip 5: Give it a thorough cleaning before school starts

If you’ve been meaning to scrub the bathroom from top to bottom for a while, you should get it done now.

Because once the school year starts, you may not have the time.

Set aside an hour or two and clean every part of the bathroom. Better still, get the whole family to help you tackle things like:

When school gets into full swing, it’s much easier to keep your bathroom nice and clean versus trying to get it that way in the first place.

To make things easier, you can make a list of bathroom cleaning jobs; give everyone a single part of the bathroom (toilet, sink, countertop, shower, etc.) they’re responsible for.

BathrobeTip 6: Shower and get everything ready the night before

Don’t like waiting to use the shower in the morning?

Not a fan of selecting your outfit when you wake up?

Take care of both these tasks the night before, then.

After dinner is served and homework is done, the house is usually quieter and calmer.

Take advantage of this downtime by showering before bed and getting your clothes ready for the next day (your kids can do this too).

That way, when everyone’s trying to get into the bathroom, you’ve already got a head-start on the day.

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You’re ready for back-to-school. And your kids are ready too.

But no matter how hard you try, your bathroom just isn’t up to snuff.

In the case, it may be time to transform it for years to come.

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