Is Your Bathroom Summer Ready?

With summer fast approaching, here are some Bath Planet seasonal spruce-ups you can do to make your bathroom summer ready.

Cleaning bathroom

Give it a thorough cleaning

If spring cleaning was the last time you gave your bathroom a complete cleanup, now’s the perfect time to do it again for the summer for a few reasons:


  • It’s easier to clean it properly before school’s out and summer guests (if you have any) arrive
  • It’ll take less time than doing it a month from now
  • You probably won’t want to do it (unless you must) during the great sunny weather

One part of your bathroom which could use extra attention is the showerhead. In order to make it sparkle all summer long, remove the unit from the shower and soak it overnight in white vinegar.

That will get rid of any grime or dirt that’s accumulated. You can also use white vinegar on your shower door too.

Convert that old tub into a new shower

During summer, most people prefer to take showers than baths.

If you have an old bathtub which never gets used (and won’t get used in the summer), convert it into a brand new shower.

There are a few benefits to doing this:

  • It gives your home extra bathing space
  • It’s environmentally friendly (because less water is used in a shower vs. filling a bathtub)
  • It modernizes and adds value to your home

Opting for tub-to-shower conversion also saves time. When the main bathroom and shower are unavailable, you can hop into your secondary shower and get clean in no time.

stack of toilet paper

Stock it up for the summer

Grocery stores and bulk shopping stores tend to be crazy during the summer.

However with smart planning and shopping, you can affordably stock up your bathroom with everything it needs for the summer:

  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Skin care products
  • Sunscreen
  • Cleaning products

Not to mention other essentials like towels and mats.

That way, each time you make a summer grocery run, you won’t have to worry about picking up bathroom items because you’ve already taken care of it.


Change the wall colours

With the extra sunshine coming in, are you finding your walls to be dull, old and boring?

Create an instant bath remodeling upgrade by changing the walls of your bathroom.

You have a few options available to you:

  • Paint the walls: Very easy and affordable. Pick a paint colour and freshen up your bathroom.
  • Bath wall surrounds: If your bath walls could use some TLC, replace them with new surrounds.
  • Shower wall surrounds: Transform your shower from boring to bright with new surrounds.

Whatever you decide to do, changing the walls of your bath or shower is an easy way to brighten up your bathroom for summer – and beyond.

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Organize your storage space

The two main storage areas in any bathroom are the medicine cabinet and under the sink.

Because summer tends to be busy, you won’t have time to rummage through both areas (and others, if your bathroom has them) looking for stuff.

Take some time now to go through your storage space. Items which will definitely get used, place at the front.

Items less likely to be used can move to the back.

And things which won’t be used at all during the summer (like say, a hot water bottle) can be removed from the bathroom altogether and placed with your winter items.


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