Hot Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

Happy New Year

Bathroom Design Trends for 2018? This year’s hot trends are all about embracing small spaces, using bold colours, cool vanity lights, smart storage & more.

Happy New Year from everyone here at Bath Planet Toronto; we certainly wish that 2018 is off to a great start for you.

If you hop in the time machine and look back to 2017’s hot bathroom décor trends, here’s what was popular:

  • Mediterranean design
  • Multimedia access
  • Extra heat
  • Luxury lighting

Did any of these trends make their way into 2018? Or have they all been replaced with something that’s brand new, unexpected, and exciting?

Read on to find out.

Size trend: Small is big

If money were no object, it’d be great to have a giant, expansive bathroom which has more than enough room for things like:

  • Full-size, his-and-hers bathtubs
  • Dual, private sinks for each member of the family
  • Wall-length, floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets
  • Endless marble flooring
  • Drying stations for you and your towels
  • Personal toilets

Since we all have to be mindful of bath remodeling costs, making the most of the size you do have available (even if it’s small) will be this year’s big (pun intended) size trend.

It’s about making a tiny bathroom comfortable, as opposed to cramped.

That means smartly maximizing every available square inch with things like:

Small bathroom

Quick tip: Installing unique floor patterns and/or brightly coloured wall graphics can make a small bathroom feel quite large.

Color trend: The brass and gold comeback

Think back to visiting your grandparents’ house, using the washroom, and seeing gaudy, yellow-ish fixtures like:

Since then, you’ve grown up; and so has fixture décor with colours and materials such as:

  • Silver
  • Metal
  • Pewter

Brass faucet

In 2018, what’s old is new again. Brass and gold hardware items are making a comeback.

The difference being, they’ll be warm, inviting and comfortable (instead of bright and garish).

In 2018, brass and gold hardware is making a comeback. But instead of bring bright, they’ll have a warm, comfortable look to them.

When done right, today’s modern brass fixtures will look traditional and never really go out of style.

In addition to handles and faucets, other items brass/gold items in 2018 include:

  • Mirrors
  • Light fixtures
  • Light switch plate covers

Light trend: Unique vanity lights

When thinking about vanity lighting, most people opt to go for a simple bar light.

In 2018, that’s going to change.

Old-fashioned rectangular-shaped lights are going to be replaced by more creative options, such as:

Vanity lights

  • Wall sconces
  • Narrow (vs. thick) light bars
  • Pendant lights
  • Chandeliers

Wait – chandeliers?

That’s right. If your bathroom is large enough – and the ceilings are high enough – hanging a chandelier is a popular design trend you can take advantage of this year.

Wall trends: Bold colours

Usually, the default, go-to, can’t make a decision colour for bath wall surrounds or shower wall surrounds is white or beige.

That kind of makes sense. The bathroom is a place for relaxation and peace. Neutral colour options are quite logical.

However, in 2018, bold and brightly coloured walls will be the bathroom décor style of choice.

Gold bathroom

That means doing unique – even outlandish – things such as:

  • Painting the walls gold (there’s that colour mentioned earlier in this blog)
  • Installing red floor tiles
  • Putting in dark (or even wood-like) tones inside the shower wall

In short, it’s about bringing the full spectrum of the rainbow inside your bathroom.

Organization trend: Smart storage

Take a moment and think about everything you need to store – and access – inside your bathroom:

Bathroom drawer

  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Soap
  • Toiletries
  • Small appliances (hair dryer, curling iron)
  • Clothes hamper

The bathroom is where they belong; even if you’re a bit short of space in there.

Therefore, in 2018, efficient organizations and storage solutions will make their way into the bathroom.

You can go simple, like:

  • Wall-hanging shelves on an open part of the wall

You can go extensive, like:

  • Redesigning your under-the-counter shelving system

You can do practical, like:

  • Building a shelf directly into the shower liner to keep things like shampoo and soap readily accessible (but not in the way)

Digital showerHigh-tech trends: Digital shower temperature control

Remember, last year was all about the “multimedia bathroom”.

With that in mind, this year’s hot (or cool, depending on how you like it) trend is digitally controlled showers.

Turning up on the tap, running the water, and waiting for it to reach the desired temperature will be replaced with built-in thermostat controls.

That way, each time you shower, the water will instantly be at the perfect temperature for you.

One more thing: Water that’s running at the same time in other areas of the house (like the dishwasher) won’t interfere with the shower temperature.

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