How to Choose a Walk-In Tub

Walk in tub

All across Kitchener, Oakville, and Toronto, many homeowners are choosing to install walk-in tubs from Bath Planet of Toronto.

Are you thinking about doing the same?

If so, here are some helpful, easy-to-follow tips to help you select the right walk-in bathtub for your needs.

Weigh the pros and cons

First and foremost, walk-in tubs are primarily designed as an accessibility product; which means it’s ideal for seniors and those with mobility issues.

In addition, there are other advantages you should consider:

  • Easy access due to things like large openings and lightweight doors
  • Hydrotherapy benefits, including controlled water jets and temperature control
  • Quick to clean as walk-in tubs are made from high-quality acrylic
  • Maintain independence with a safe, reliable, and comfortable bathing apparatus

On the flip side, there may be instances when you don’t need or desire a walk-in tub.

For example, if you would rather take showers instead of baths, a walk-in tub isn’t really a wise option for you.

Examine the safety features very carefully

Walk-in tubs are designed with built-in safety features, such as:

Grab bar

  • Grab bars
  • Anti-slip bath liner floor mats
  • Quick drainage
  • Convenient touch controls

However, you have to make sure these components work for you.

Look at the grab bars. Are they in the right spot, or just out of reach?

Check out the touch controls? Are they easy to understand, or do they appear confusing?

When it comes to choosing a walk-in tub, you want something that’s going to make you feel good and be simple to use.

If you think a certain model of walk-in bathtub is going to be challenging or frustrating to use, you may want to consider an alternative option.

After all, bathing in a walk-in tub should be relaxing and calming, not stressful or worrisome.

Consider the tax implications

Tax Time Canada

Taxes and walk-in tubs.

At first glance, they don’t seem to go hand-in-hand. However, a walk-in bathtub can help you once the tax deadline rolls around.

Here’s how:

Certain home improvements may be eligible for the Home Accessibility Tax Credit if they meet specific criteria, such as:

  • They make homes safer for the elderly (age 65 +) or the disabled
  • The renovations are required for medical reasons

Walk-in tubs (and other accessibility installations like tub-to-shower conversions and step-through inserts) can quality under the terms of the Home Accessibility Tax Credit.

So make sure you consult your physician (who has to recommend the walk-in tub) and a tax professional before submitting the expense for reimbursement.

Picture life with – and without – a walk-in tub

If you didn’t install a walk-in tub in your home, would you be happy if things stayed the same, such as:

  • Comfort level when taking a bath?
  • Cleaning, care, and maintenance?
  • Effort required getting in and out?

And if you did install a walk-in tub, would you be happy with the changes you’d experience, for example:

  • Easier cleaning?
  • More time needed for water to drain?
  • Having to open and close a door to access the tub?

Only you can assess whether or not you need a walk-in tub – and what the implications would be if you did – or didn’t – have on installed.

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