Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Classic Feel

Redesigning a bathroom can be inexpensive, it doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking that requires breaking the bank.


There are countless ways to change the look and feel of your bathroom without ripping the walls down or buying everything brand new. Sometimes all you need is an accent piece to make your space more inviting. More importantly, if you’re looking to revamp a room on a dime, what you’ll need is an open mind and creativity.

Get organized

The art of organization is important in bathrooms, especially if you’re working with a smaller space with less storage. No body likes a cluttered space. You’ll want to organize all your items prior to redesigning and embellishing your bathroom. Figure out what you can’t live without and throw out or give away what you can.

Now the fun begins.

Bring on the baskets

If you’re low in cupboard space, you can use baskets to store cosmetics, hair dryers, etc. Rattan woven baskets are a classic bathroom choice, as they do well in a humid environment. If your bathroom is mostly earth tones, a nice pastel colored basket will surely add flair.

Get thrifty

Accessorizing can be fun and transform the whole look and feel of your bathroom. And we can’t stress enough: It doesn’t have to cost you a million dollars.

Pick up a few inexpensive mason jars and use them to hold Q-tips, cotton balls and toothbrushes. Clean, simple and classic.

Enhance old surfaces

If you’re looking to replace your old cast-iron claw-foot tub, you can save so much money and keep that old world charm by re-glazing it instead.

Frame a mirror

Choose a beautifully detailed vintage frame and install it around a plain plate-glass mirror for a touch of warmth and character. The addition of crown molding or even mosaic tiles has a dramatic impact on a room.

Use faux candles

Another great way to bring that classic and warm feel to a room is the right lighting. If you’re a big fan of candles but don’t want to deal with the fire risk, consider using battery-powered LED wax pillars.

Pain color

If you crave that classic feel, you’ll want to consider a crisp, clean color palette for the walls. Combine neutral tones like white, cocoa brown and light green for a cool, classic feel.