Is Your Bathroom Safe? Part 1: Kids

If there’s something – anything – which young children shouldn’t get into, they’ll find it. Especially if it’s in the bathroom.

The easiest way to keep your kids safe in the bathroom is to make sure they can’t access it unless you’re there with them. This may mean:

  • Installing a latch on the door at adult height so your little one can’t walk into the tub or bathroom when you’re not around
  • Making sure that the locks on your bathroom door can be unlocked from the outside, just in case your child accidentally locks himself inside.

There are other things you should look for and do to make sure your bathroom is safe for little ones.

Always drain water from the tub

Drain the water from your bathtub

Children can only drown in a few inches of water, so never leave your child alone in the bathtub, not even for a moment.

And never leave water in the bathtub when it’s not in use.

Install non-slip strips on the bottom of the bathtub

The bathtub is an incredibly slippery place for adults. Even more so for children who are clumsy or unsteady on their feet.

Non-slip bathroom liner strips on the bottom of your tub create a solid surface for your child’s feet to grip against when they’re in the tub.

Keep all medicines locked in a medicine cabinet

pill bottles

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child will be able to reach up and access pill bottles left on the bathroom counter or the sink.

And it isn’t just medicine; there are other bathroom items which can pose a health risk:

  • Toothpaste
  • Soaps
  • Shampoos
  • Cosmetics
  • Cleaning supplies

Make sure that all items are kept out-of-reach and safely locked away.

Cold water first, then hot

playing with the taps

The hot water in the bathroom can get incredibly hot, incredibly fast. To prevent scalding, adjust the temperature in your hot water heater so that it doesn’t exceed approximately 48.9 degrees Celsius.

When your child is old enough to turn on the bathtub or shower faucets by herself, teach her to start with cold water before adding hot water.

Put all electrical items away

You know the dangers of having a hair dryer fall into the bathtub.

But does your child?

If you use electric hair dryers, razors or other bathroom appliances, be sure to unplug them and put them away in a safety cabinet with a lock.

Ultimately, its better (and safer) to use those items in another room altogether where there’s no water – and where your child won’t be tempted to play with them in an unsafe environment.

Close the toilet lid (and then lock it)

Your little one will be curious and peek into an open toilet. And if they bend over into it far enough…

Prevent that from happening by always remembering to close the toilet lid. For adding safety, you can also purchase and install a toilet lid lock to keep it closed.

Make your bathroom beautiful…and safe

If your bathroom is outdated (and unsafe) and you’re looking to improve both, then you’re at the right place.

Contact us at Bath Planet to talk about transforming your bathroom into your own private paradise that’s enjoyable – and safe – for you and your children.