Is Your Bathroom Safe? Part 2: Seniors

Earlier, we looked at ways to keep your bathroom safe for children.

Today, we’ll venture to the other end of the age spectrum and investigate how to keep your bathroom safe for any seniors living in your home.

Prevent falls in the bathroom

Roughly 33% of people over the age of 65 will experience a fall of some sort at home.

And many times, those falls occur in the bathroom.

It makes sense, due to the fact that in the bathroom you can find a combination of:

Those elements, together, can create an environment that’s ripe for catastrophic slips and falls.

Of course, there are ways to make your bathroom more accessible and senior-friendly. Here are some of a few of them.

Grab bars can help make a bathroom safe for seniors

Install grab bars

Because most bathroom falls take place when seniors are getting in and out of the bath or shower, grab bars are a great way to provide additional balance and support.

Something to remember is that, by instinct, people may reach out and grab a wall-mounted towel rack for additional support. But towel racks should only be for towels.

Why? Because they simply aren’t strong enough to support the full weight of an adult. As a result, they can break away from the wall, resulting in a potentially dangerous fall.

Shower chairs are a great way to keep the bathroom safe for seniors

Shower in safety

For many seniors, showers are the preferred method of bathing. And with good reason, because they’re fast and convenient.

But there are still slipping hazards to be found in the shower – along with multiple solutions to reduce or eliminate slipping dangers completely.

  • Use a shower chair: With a shower chair, the senior sits down to have a shower. This will reduce the possibility of slipping and falling (because they’re sitting in a chair that’s made for the shower) while still being able to enjoy the benefits of showering.
  • Install anti-slip mats: Shower liner slip mats are placed at the bottom of your shower. They create a solid grip surface for feet that’s both safe and comfortable.

More bathroom safety tips

  • Install a raised toilet seat: Older folks may have a hard time sitting down or standing up from the toilet. A raised toilet seat unit reduces the distance required and provides additional support, as they usually are equipped with handles on either side of it.
  • Put toiletries in reach: If you have a tough time reaching bathroom essentials, then a senior with limited mobility or flexibility will definitely have a tough time. If you’re interested in bath remodeling, make sure your project involves rearranging your bathroom in order to make it easy to reach important toiletries.
  • Consider a walk-in tub: A walk-in tub that’s safe, accessible and made from low-slip acrylic will go a long way to reducing any worries you have about seniors slipping or falling in the bathroom.
  • Install a bathroom telephone: Having a phone that’s nearby in the event of a fall or injury will ensure that help arrives quickly. This is true if there’s a senior in your life who lives on their own.

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