Mold vs. Mildew. In This Matchup, They’re Both Losers.

Can you tell the difference between mold vs. mildew?

Actually, do you really want to?

For many people, the terms mold and mildew are interchangeable. In fact, there are differences between the two.

(Like that matters, they’re both pretty disgusting).

And sometimes, people wonder if one is worse than the other. Before we get into the tale of the tape between mold and mildew, it’s important to know one thing:

  • Mold and mildew are both types of fungi (yuck).

The match-up

Mold and mildew. Here’s what they’re all about:


Mold: Oftentimes, mold tends to grow on food found in the kitchen (like fruit or bread). As well, mold when mold grows, it looks fuzzy and sort of grows in layers which get thicker and thicker over time (double yuck).



MildewMildew: Mildew is usually found on damp surfaces (the bathtub is a perfect crime scene for mildew). When mildew grows, it grows flat and spreads across a surface (like a wall) like a blob (triple yuck).



Comparing mold vs. mildew

Feature Mold Mildew
Appearance Mold is fuzzy and can be orange, black, purple, brown or pink in colour. Downy mildew can start as a yellowish colour and ultimately change to brown.Powdery mildew starts out white and transforms into yellow before ending up as black.
Health Impact Extended exposure to mold can result in breathing problems and allergic reactions. Breathing in mildew can cause headaches, coughing, a sore throat or irritated lungs.
Uses (Yes, Uses) Some types of mold are used in, wait for it…food production (like cheese or tofu). Mildew is completely useless.
Prevention Keep areas dry and moisture-free.Monitor the humidity in your home on a regular-basis and adjust accordingly.Eat all perishable food within 3-4 days. Keep areas moisture-free.At the first sign of mildew, clean the impacted areas with mildew cleaning products.Avoid overhead heating.

And the winner is…

Although mold does have some useful properties, let’s get real: it’s still a fungus.

Of course, mildew has no redeeming properties whatsoever.

So in this match-up, they both suck. And you should start the process to eradicate and eliminate them as soon as possible.

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