Safety Benefits of Walk-In Tubs

Conventional soaker  bathtubs (especially if you have an older home) tend to feature high walls and very slippery surfaces.

Mobility and stability may become an issue as you age; which means it’ll be harder and harder for you to step in and out of your tub.

Walk-in tubs from Bath Planet of Toronto are designed to make it easy for people (regardless if their seniors or not) to enjoy a relaxing bath and maintain bathing independence too.

Here are some of the safety benefits you’ll find in a walk-in bathtub.

Entry doorsEasy entry doors

At the best of times, stepping over a bathtub can be tricky (especially if it or your bathroom floor is slippery).

The biggest and most prominent feature of any walk-in tub is its entry door.

They’re lightweight, easy to reach and step through and won’t accidentally open or become stuck.

For seniors or anyone suffering from arthritis, the easy entry doors of a walk-in tub is both a safety and convenience feature.

Depth of walk-in tubExtra depth

Comparatively, walk-in tubs are approximately twice as deep as a regular tub.

For anyone with mobility issues (like seniors), this delivers multiple safety and comfort benefits.

Some of which are:

  • More room to stretch and soak without feeling cramped or tight
  • Extra space to include a built-in contoured bench; a big help for those who struggle to stand or sit
  • An easier time storing and reaching items like soap, shampoo or scrub brushes

Now that extra depth doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing precious space.

That’s because the Bath Planet process ensures your customized walk-in tub fits perfectly within your existing bathroom layout.

Accessibility accommodation

The walk-in bathtub itself is a big part of improving accessibility.

But they’re also made to accommodate a wide range of accessibility products if needed.

For example, you can add the following helpful and safety-improving items to your walk-in tub:

  • Grab bars
  • Balance bars
  • Textured floor pads and bath liners

And unlike trying to modify or alter a traditional soaker bathtub, walk-in tubs  can easily handle and adapt to any changes in your mobility.

Therapeutic benefitsTherapeutic benefits

A safe, comfortable walk-in tub is smart way to add value to any home.

But they have incredible therapeutic benefits too which anyone can enjoy.

Just making sitting in your walk-in tub and taking advantage of:

  • Built-in hydrotherapy jets eases back pain and arthritis
  • High powered water flow helps with sore muscles and tight joints
  • Easy control over where water jets are directed

A walk-in tub has two primary functions.  One of which is to deliver a clean, bathing experience.

The other is to help promote relaxation and to provide a personal version of in-home water therapy you can enjoy anytime.

Easy to clean and maintain

Keeping a clean bathroom is an ongoing, time-consuming process.

Even more so for seniors or anyone with limited mobility.

Walk-in tubs are made from think acrylic, so they’re very easy to clean.

Plus, they’re made with high-quality construction designed to last a lifetime.

After all, transitioning from a conventional to walk-in tub should be a one-time only process.

And with Bath Planet, it is (and it can also be done in a single day)

Nice walk-in tubThinking of getting a walk-in tub? Talk to us

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And we can do the same for you.

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