This Summer’s Hottest Bathroom Paint Trends

Paint strokes

In 2018, bathroom paint is less about colour choice than it is about creating the right atmosphere with knowing the hottest bathroom paint trends. Now that summer’s officially here, you’re finally ready to tackle this year’s bath remodeling project (with help from Bath Planet of Toronto).

In addition to things like:

You’ll be painting the walls, top-to-bottom.

Now, you could keep the same colour you already have. Or you can go for the reliability and universality of white.

However, if you want to give your bathroom personality, why not go for this summer’s brightest and boldest colours?

Want calm, cozy, and soothing? Start with beige

On its own, beige is a very soft, neutral colour. It’s a smart, safe choice for your bathroom renovation project.

Beige Bathroom Decor

However, by pairing it with other tones like…

  • Red.
  • Purple.
  • Light blue.
  • Grey.

…You’ll create and tranquil, relaxing atmosphere inside your bathroom.

Additionally, beige as a base can be used for other bathroom elements besides the walls (cabinets, baseboards, trim).

One more thing: If you have a small bathroom, the light hue of a beige wall colour will make it appear larger than it actually is.

Want breezy and stress-free? Go with blue

When taking a shower or enjoying time in your walk-in bathtub, you don’t want the experience to be cold and sterile.

Blue bathroom wall

On the contrary, you’re looking to feel refreshed and uplifted.

That’s where blue comes in.

A nice sky blue (especially if you have white cabinets, white bathroom sink and a white bath liner) creates a 100% chill with not-a-care-in-the-world vibe.

If you opt for blue, just make sure you select the right shade for your tastes.


  • If you go too dark, your bathroom will feel claustrophobic.
  • If you go too light, something will feel like it’s “missing” from your bathroom décor.

Want fun and flair? Pick pink

There’s no rule which says your bathroom can’t have pizzazz.

So, if you’re looking something that’s eye-catching and off-the-beaten path, go for a warm shade of pink.

Pink bathroom wall

Right off the bat, pink gives your bathroom an energetic feel to it.

And when you think about it, that makes sense. After all, you don’t want to exit your bathroom feeling worse than when you first entered it.

A pink bath wall pattern makes your bathroom interesting and inviting.

Remember to choose a shade of pink that’s:

  • Warm.
  • Understated (almost muted).
  • Something that, when you first glance at it, you can tell that it’s pink.

Don’t go for something like hot, neon pink.

That’ll overwhelm you the moment you walk inside the bathroom. Instead of feeling fun, you’ll feel stressed and bombarded.

Want something formal? Choose soft yellow

The right shade of yellow can make any bathroom (even small powder rooms) feel grown-up and sophisticated.

Yellow bathroom wall

A soft yellow tone creates a nice sense of rich, dignified elegance.

Once you’ve painted the walls, you can add some other touches to complete that refined look:

  • Fresh coat of white paint on your wainscoting.
  • Traditional pedestal sink with dark brown (or even blank) faucets and handles.

Before you begin painting, make sure you note:

  • Where the bathroom lights are situated and how they reflect off the walls.
  • How sunlight enters from the windows.

Yellow that’s too much or too bright will create an overwhelming glare that’ll beat you over the head and leave you feeling fatigued instead of fresh.

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