Top Bathroom Trends for 2016

With 2016 in full swing, it’s time to think about what’s new and hot when it comes to bath and shower remodeling.

So without further ado, Bath Planet of Toronto’s first blog of 2016 looks at the top bathroom design trends of the upcoming year.

Grab BarAll things accessible

In years past, bathroom accessibility was restricted to seniors and those with limited mobility.

Not anymore.

Today, homeowners are looking to make their bathing or showering experience as comfortable as possible.

And that includes installing
accessibility products sooner, rather than later, including:

  • Shower seats: Many people shower when they’re tired (first thing in the morning, after a workout, finishing overnight shifts). A shower seat is a smart way to relax and stay safe while enjoying all the benefits of a warm shower.
  • Grab bars: You may have great balance, but the bathtub or shower is still slippery when wet. Grab bars make it easy (and safe) to get in and out without worrying about slips, trips or falls.

Square fixtures

Smooth, round and curvy tubs and sinks are being replaced with square, angular and blocky fixtures.

It helps to modernize the bathroom and can also create extra space. This is vital if you have a small bathroom where space is limited.

Square fixtures aren’t just limited to the bathtub. Sinks, cabinets and showers are also getting in on the square-shaped trend.

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Open shelves

Gone are the days where everything was hidden behind cupboards or cabinets.

Yes, medicines should still be locked safely away. But many comfort items are now being stored openly, including:

  • Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Bath pillows
  • Bath slippers

In addition to being chic and trendy, open shelving makes it easy to quickly store and grab things as you need them.

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Heated floors

Bathroom floors are notoriously cold.

But do they really have to be? The answer in 2016 is no.

Electric heated floors are being installed in more bathrooms across Toronto, Oakville and Kitchener.

Not only will they keep your feet warm, they also help dry out excessive moisture and humidity which comes with bathing and showering.

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